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Northern Electric Company is proud to offer comprehensive electrical safety inspections tailored specifically for realtors across Utah. With our team of licensed electricians, we provide thorough electrical safety assessments in residential properties, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and identifying potential hazards. Trust Northern Electric Company to deliver reliable and professional inspections that enable realtors to confidently present safe and code-compliant homes to prospective buyers. Partner with us for a seamless realtor electrical safety inspection in Salt Lake City, UT, and peace of mind for both realtors and their clients

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why should realtors consider getting an Electrical Safety Inspection?

A real estate safety inspection helps realtors ensure that the properties they represent are safe, compliant with regulations, and free from potential electrical hazards, providing peace of mind for both realtors and prospective buyers.

2. What does an Electrical Safety Inspection involve?

During an Electrical Safety Inspection, licensed electricians from a reliable electrical inspection company like Northern Electric Company thoroughly assess the electrical systems in residential properties, checking for safety compliance, identifying potential hazards, and recommending necessary repairs or upgrades.

3. How long does an Electrical Safety Inspection usually take?

The duration of a realtor electrical safety inspection in Salt Lake City, UT, depends on the size and complexity of the property. Generally, inspections can take a few hours to complete, but this can vary based on the specific circumstances.

4. Can realtors use the findings of an Electrical Safety Inspection to negotiate repairs or price adjustments?

Absolutely. The detailed report generated from a home electrical safety inspection can serve as valuable documentation to negotiate repairs or price adjustments, ensuring that the property meets safety standards and mitigating potential liabilities.

5. Are the electricians performing the Electrical Safety Inspections licensed and qualified?

Yes, all electricians from Northern Electric Company conducting realtor electrical safety inspection services are licensed professionals with the necessary qualifications and expertise to assess electrical systems and identify potential hazards accurately.

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Excellent company to work with. Kevin and his crew has saved me countless times when I’ve been up against tight timelines on renovations and new construction projects. Kudos to this wonderful team.


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