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Our specialty is electrical service and repair on homes throughout Utah. We diagnose, repair and install every aspect of electrical you could need. Give us a call today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What types of services can I expect from a service and repair company?

Service and repair companies typically offer a wide range of services, including HVAC repairs, electrical troubleshooting, plumbing repairs, appliance repairs, general maintenance, and emergency services.

2. How quickly can a service and repair company respond to my request?

Response times can vary depending on the company and the urgency of the situation. Many service and repair companies strive to provide same-day or next-day service for non-emergency requests and immediate assistance for emergencies.

3. Are service and repair companies licensed and insured?

Reputable service and repair companies are typically licensed and insured. Licensing ensures that the technicians have the necessary skills and knowledge, while insurance protects both the company and the customer in case of accidents or damages.

4. How much will a service and repair visit cost?

The cost of a service and repair visit depends on various factors, such as the nature of the problem, the required parts or materials, and the company's pricing structure. Many companies offer free estimates or flat-rate pricing for common services.

5. Can service and repair companies provide regular maintenance services?

Yes, service and repair companies often offer maintenance packages to keep your systems and equipment in good working condition. Regular maintenance can help prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your appliances and systems.

What People Are Saying


Kevin was very helpful and professional. He attempted to help me fix the problem on my own over the phone and was able to schedule me the next day for a non-urgent problem to take a look himself. He was very quick and explained the issue and how he fixed it. Reasonable price. Will be calling again for any electrical needs!

Natalie Valentino
Natalie Valentino

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