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EV charger Installation

Level 2 chargers are the fastest and most convenient way to charge your EV at home. They use a 240-volt circuit, which means they can deliver up to 25 miles of range per hour of charging time. That's more than enough to fully charge most EVs overnight, allowing you to start each day with a full battery.

We'll work with you to determine the best location for the charger and ensure that it's installed in compliance with all local codes and regulations.

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When to install?

Your panel may be under-sized or need to be upgraded before install.
  • Service is sufficient from city
  • Available pr open space for new breakers
  • No known issues with power
  • Your home was built after 1980 or updated panel

When to upgrade?

We often upgrade panel to add electrical capacity for a:
  • Hot tub/spa or sauna
  • Electric vehicle charger
  • Electric or induction cooktop
  • Home renovation or new additions to property

How It Works

Step 1: Free Assessment & Quote

One of our friendly technicians will visit your home to assess your garage/exterior. Our technicians will work with you to discuss your EV Charger needs and options.
Step 2: Convenient Installation

We will find a convenient time and date to add a 240V outlet and install your EV Charger in a single visit. We'll ensure your equipment operates safely and smoothly.
Step 3: Guaranteed Peace of Mind

At NEC we offer a two-year guarantee on all electrical labor. This guarantee covers repairs and maintenance on your EV plug, 240V breaker or related wiring for your entire project.

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Do I buy the charger, or does Northern Electric Company provide it?

Chargers come in all shapes and sizes and offer different features like Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone apps, so typically our customers buy the charger themselves and we’ll handle the installation. However, we are happy to recommend a few brands or discuss if you are interested.t inside of a div block.

Will I need a new electric panel for my EV charger?

Not necessarily! It depends on your existing electrical service and the other large electrical loads that you run. The best way to find out for sure is to ask a professional. We're happy to schedule an appointment to assess your electric panel and recommend a charging solution that fits your space and needs.

Do I need a dedicated circuit for my EV charger?

Yes. Dedicated circuits are individual circuits for major electrical loads, and an EV charger certainly falls in that category. Whether we install a new 240V plug, or wire your charger into a new breakers, we will install a dedicated circuit so it's not shared with other electrical devices or appliances in the home.

How long does installation take?

Each home is unique so there's not a one-size fits all answer. The main factors are whether your electrical panel can support an additional EV load or if we'll need to add an additional subpanel. It also depends where you'd like the charger. A straightforward installation in the garage can take a half day, and a more complicated installation can take a full day.